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R3covery seeks to support longer term peace building and reconstruction efforts in the early stabilisation phase. 

By providing critical services to affected communities, R3covery seeks to increase the resilience of those communities and reduce their vulnerability to external shocks and stresses.

R3COVERY is always looking for talented and motivated staff to join our team. If you are interested in joining R3COVERY, please email your CV and a covering letter to Contact@R3COVERY.com

R3covery BV Herengracht, 282 Amsterdam 1016 BX, The Netherlands.

R3covery builds local capacity to address urgent requirements. R3covery delivers rapid impacts by building bespoke training and equipment packages that are adapted to suit the communities and the dynamic stabilisation environment.


Urgent Projects

R3covery specialises in developing and implementing resilience solutions in stabilisation environments.

​We work with the range of stabilisation actors to provide a bridge between their activities, building resilience by delivering critical services to communities emerging from conflict. 

We work with local partners to develop durable local solutions that support transition.